Bah Humbug-atti is the sixteenth episode of The Grand Tour, and the third episode of Series 2. It was released on Amazon Prime on 22nd December, 2017.

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May heads to the Spanish island of Majorca for a test of the new Kia Stinger, which is interrupted when he is challenged to a race by a pair of skateboarders.

Elsewhere, Clarkson takes the superpowered Bugatti Chiron to the French and Italian Riviera for a luxury road test.

Finally, back in the UK, May and Hammond team up in an effort to alleviate office boredom by inventing the sport of carpark racing.

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Celebrity Face Off Edit

Hugh Bonneville and Casey Anderson face off in the Jaguar F-Type. Anderson becomes the first American guest to win the segment, logging a time of 1:18.6 against Bonneville's 1:22.2.

Conversation Street Edit

Clarkson, Hammond, and May each buy each other motoring-related Christmas gifts, with May and Clarkson primarily spending the segment buying gifts to insult Hammond for his accident in Switzerland. May also buys Clarkson a shirt with a picture of his pneumonia x-ray and Clarkson buys May a lockable mini-fridge. Hammond, annoyed by May and Clarkson's gifts, reveals he has not bought either of them anything.