Berks to the Future is the ninth episode of the first season of The Grand Tour. It premiered on 6th January, 2017 on Amazon Prime.


The tent is within the courtyard of Ludwigsburg Palace, where Jeremy Clarkson praises Germany as the "cradle of the automobile," and reveals that they were almost banned from filming in Stuttgart because of a local politician.

James May reviews the new second generation Honda NSX. The American takes the NSX around the Eboladrome in the wet.

On Conversation Street, Jeremy recounts Stuttgart's Green Party requested that no wood-burning stoves or cars be driven on the day of filming due to high smog levels – which puzzles the presenters because it is a clear and sunny day.

Clarkson fuses the body of a 1978 MGB Roadster with the chassis of a Land Rover Discovery to make a "proper" sport utility vehicle, but when the MG body falls off, he replaces it with a 1980s Mercedes-Benz SL. He then gives Hammond and May a ride in it, lying in voiceover that they agree it is the greatest car they were in before they drive to the Chelsea F.C. training ground before having it displayed at the Coys of Kensington car auction, where it fetches £4,000. However, since Jeremy put a reserve of £100,000 on it, it technically did not sell. (Clarkson had also bet on it, but after it didn't get much, he tosses his betting card down, which he drew a penis on it)

On Celebrity Brain Crash, German singer Nena is carried away from the courtyard by 99 red balloons. Planning for this eventuality, the presenters find alternative means to recharge mobile phone batteries using a revolving door, a dog harnessed to a trailer, and children harnessed to generators at a school sports day (which ends with Jeremy getting a free trip in a police van while Hammond and May have succeeded). James then demonstrates how much power a gym generates to recharge a G-Wiz. After eight hours of charging, James manages to travel 21 miles.

Richard Hammond tries his hand on post-apocalyptic "Bug Out" vans, but it is not long before Clarkson and May destroy his creations using a rocket launcher, a Challenger 2 tank, and Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond respectively.

Cars featuredEdit

Featured Cars
Honda NSX
James May
Mike Skinner
3.5-litre twin-turbo pertrol engine pus three electric motors, 573 horsepower, 4-wheel drive and a 9-speed double clutch, paddle shift gearbox.
Jeremy Clarkson
The Excellent
Jeremy Clarkson
Self-made car.
James May
Used for gym powered electricity experiment.