Making James May Do Something He Doesn't Want to Do is a segment on The Grand Tour. In this segment, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have James May explore an unusual automotive hobby that is not to his liking.

Operation Desert StumbleEdit

May travels to the Wheels n Smoke Arena in Johannesburg to explore the South African pastime of "spinning", which involves taking an old rear-wheel-drive car and doing doughnuts and smoke at a parking lot to the tune of rap music until the tyres explode. The destroyed tyres are then placed in a bonfire. May takes a ride in a BMW E30 and panics when the driver steps out of the spinning car.

Past v FutureEdit

Clarkson and Hammond send May to the countryside and try the off-road sport of "winching". In this sport, a driver and a wincher take their 4x4 deep into mud and rough terrain; once they are stuck, the wincher must walk through the terrain and pull the winch to a numbered "punch" for the driver to pull the vehicle out of the ditch. May is assigned to be the wincher of Irish driver Seamus Doyle, thus enduring the mud he must wade through.